Titan Crane Bungee season – bookings open now!

Titan Crane Bungee 2016

The bungee season at the Titan Crane is not far away from kicking off. OK, it’s only the end of January but jumping will come around very quickly.

We have never seen it fill up so quickly, May 7th and 8th (opening weekend) are both already full and May 21st and 22nd are now filling up as well. So…we have opened another two weekends in April to help us cope with the demand.

April 16th, 17th and 30th as well as May 1st are now available to book online. They were only opened a few hours ago and already there have already been bookings made on all four dates! Therefore we are predicting these are  likely to also fill quickly. Best get on it!

Make a booking now through this link BOOK NOW or by calling us on 0345 366 5844


Titan Crane Bungee Jump Glasgow