Monkido Aerial Adventure

“The lost art of monkeying-around”

At all our Parks you’ll find the Monkido® Aerial Adventure, a fun “monkey-see, monkey-do” activity in a nature-based environment, for people ages five and older.

There are three self-paced Monkido® experiences that involve climbing, zip-lining, jumping, and swinging through cool obstacle games! Guests navigate log ladders, cargo nets, rope swings, tightropes, swinging logs, wobbly bridges, and more aerial surprises that gradually become higher and more challenging.

Monkido® Kids
Ages 5 – 13

A suspended course up to 10-feet (three metres) high. Features approximately a dozen games and zip lines, created specifically for young guests to move independently, and comfortably through the trees.

Monkido® Classic
Ages seven +

Beginning at six-feet (two metres) above the ground, games and zip lines begin to rise as you get comfortable with equipment and moving through the obstacles. The fun and challenge increase as you go, testing (and evolving) your bravery and agility. Reach up to 45-feet (14 metres) and you’ve completed the whole course!

Monkido® Extreme
Add-on to Monkido® Classic experience. Ages 12 +

The wackiest way to push your limits. Features the highest obstacles and zip lines – up to 60-feet (18 metres) – and the most challenging, thrilling games. These moving obstacles fully challenge your balance and strength.

Most people find that the Monkido® experience tests their physical and mental limits, but is almost always completed and enjoyed regardless of most fears and physical abilities.

Element Details

The Monkido® Aerial Adventure is an independent activity, appropriate for people ages five and older.
No previous experience is required.
Equipment, demonstration, course monitoring, and encouragement are provided by qualified Element Guides.

Included in every Monkido® Aerial Adventure:

  • Harness equipment designed to work specifically with all our course
  • Risk management training on a demo course to teach independent navigation though games and zip-lines.
  • Sixty (or more) suspended games and zip lines; grouped by height and difficulty into courses (with exit points at various transition levels).
  • Self-guided pacing that provides natural and comfortable movement regardless of experience.
  • Trained and certified Element Guides who monitor the course and provide helpful obstacle tips (and encouragement) – from the ground (Private guides are available with advance notice, call a Guest Service Agent at any Park for details).
  • Healthy outdoor playtime for individuals and groups.

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