Safety & Tech

To whom: To every adult, over 18 who is under a normal healthy condition. Weight / kilos: Over 45 and under 105 kg.

Health state:  In case that the interested party is under  one of the following health

Conditions/ situations the customer must inform the people who are in charge of this business as well as present the medical documents in order for us to judge if the present situation allows the accomplishment of the jump:

  • Pregnancy
  • High arterial blood
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Heart Diseases
  • Dislocations



We suggest that the customers be rested, hydrated and have currently eaten something before their activity starts.





Aim of the ZuLu Bungy

To provide, at the same time, an exceptional quality of jump with a smooth transition having as final goals the joy and pleasure. Our professional personnel and the high quality equipments of systems  and training processes ensure the retention of your absolute safety:
Rope-making-zulu-bungy (2)
Rope making

Every rope that it is used by the Zulu Bungy company is exclusively made by the same team, following accurately the security standards as well as the making model as it is defined from New Zealand and Germany. The ropes are classified in four weight categories so as the jump can be achieved in unbalanced and safe way.

Rope checking

The ropes are checked in a frequency of ten jumps, while a brief check in every jump is conducted. Their replacement of new ropes takes place every 200 jumps.

Formulation of the rope material

The material that it is used for the making of the ropes is 100% rubber (caoutchouc) – natural latex.

During the jump a Bungy rope can be stretched from 250 up to 300% of his initial length while the stretching limit which is relevant to the initial length is 900%.

The making of every rope demands a 3-4 hours team work depending on the type and the length of the rope.

Durability check of the ropes

In the Zulu Bungy facilities there is a special book in which there is a record of the jumps. Every day the jumps that each rope has made are recorded. By this way every moment the permitted limit which has been defined for each rope, according to the safety rules, is checked, while at the same time its physical condition is checked, too.

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Rope-making-zulu-bungy (4)

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