What to wear and bring:

  • Check the current weather forecast for the day and wear appropriate clothing. Most guests dress in layers or bring a change of clothes to stay comfortable.
  • Wear proper fitting running shoes. Forget fashion and opt for closed toes and heels that lace-on will let you climb, zip line, jump, and swing freely.
  • Bring a water bottle to rehydrate, and snack to refuel.
  • Stash your camera in a secure pocket to keep your tech tools safe while you record your story.
  • Have cash on hand for Element souvenirs, snack food or a drink, or to unleash another Element.
  • Come clean. There is zero tolerance for alcohol and drugs at all WildPlay Element Parks; for safety, we will restrict access to any guest who is suspected of intoxication or impaired judgement.
  • Complete your park waiver in advance to expedite your check-in. Please note that for guests under 19 years of age the signature of parent or legal guardian is required.

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