Get Visual Evidence of Your Zero Gravity Adventure

For some people, it’s not enough to simply bungee jump or free fall 130 feet into an awaiting net. They want visual proof–whether as assurance for themselves or their friends–showing them in action as they conquer the most extreme rides in the country.

For a mere $12 we’ll provide a DVD of your adventures at Zero Gravity, which is consistently ranked as one of the top Dallas attractions.  So take solace knowing that–when your legs are shaking on top of the bungee platform–at least you’ll have visual proof of your bravery to show your doubting friends.

Just think, a visit to Zero Gravity could leave you with a brand new addition to your DVD collection.  Except this time, you’re the star of the show and screaming like a little girl is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

Beat the Heat at Zero Gravity

It’s hot. Really hot. And it appears there’s no end in sight. But Zero Gravity has the answer, and it’s way more fun than air conditioning or a cold front.

It’s difficult to be hot when you’re flying through the air at 60 miles per hour; or when you’re blasting skyward from 0-70 mph in just 1.2 seconds; or when you’re free falling from 130 feet.  That’s right: adrenaline rides with a strong breeze.

The Skycoaster — Feel the anticipation build as we lift you 110 feet into the air, and then feel the wind in your face as you and up to two friends soar through the air at 60 mph.  That’ll cool you off in a hurry.

Texas Blastoff — Rocket 150 feet straight up with the speed of a dragster, and then, rather than fall straight back down, the four-bungee apparatus sends you on a topsy-turvy free fall full of twists, turns and flips.

Nothin’ But Net — We lift you to the top of our 16-story tower, and then we  simply let you go. That’s right – no bungee cord, parachute or straps.  Just you, a 130-foot drop, and the safety net below.

Thrilling rides and wind in your face to calm even the hottest of days? We’re not of the best Dallas attractions for nothing.