Happy Thanksgiving! And Extended Park Hours

From all of us here at Zero Gravity, we hope you have a great Thanksgiving. And just a reminder that we’ve changed our hours this week to accommodate those who’ve taken a few days off.  Please see our schedule below, and consider stopping by to partake in one of our thrilling rides.

Monday: noon – 10pm
Tuesday: noon – 10pm
Wednesday: noon – 10pm
Thursday: Closed
Friday: noon – midnight
Saturday: noon – midnight

We hope to see you soon, and more importantly, we hope you enjoy some much-deserved time off and plenty of good food with family and friends.

Give the Gift of Zero Gravity

Holiday shopping can be hard. Really hard. So this year, let us help you out. Instead of giving an item, which will invariably be lost, broken or forgotten, give the gift of an experience.

Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park offers the most fun things to do in Dallas, and a couple tickets to experience our thrilling rides will make a perfect gift for your spouse, kids, or anyone else deserving of a present this year. And hey, if no one in your life’s been particularly good this year, you can always buy for yourself!

Simply purchase tickets online, and your lucky recipient will get to experience all that Zero Gravity has to offer, including bungee jumping, Nothin’ but Net and the Texas Blastoff.

Buy Now to get a head start on your holiday shopping.

Labor Day Special: Buy One Ride, Get One Free!

If you’re looking for things to do in Dallas this Labor Day Weekend (since we both know you won’t be working), then stop into Zero Gravity for some holiday weekend fun.

In honor of this day of rest, we suggest you be active.  We’re offering a buy-one-get-one deal at Zero Gravity, now through Monday, September 6th.  Enjoy your time off work, and come out to the park for some bungee jumping or any of our other thrilling rides, like the Texas Blastoff and Nothin’ But Net.

This deal isn’t available online, so just ask for the Labor Day deal when purchasing tickets at the park, and we’ll give you two rides for the price of one.

Sure it’s Labor Day, but we’ll be working, so come and see us!

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